Terms and Conditions

This deed reflects the policy framework for all clients about their most appropriate use of Crypto Genius.

It is necessary to examine, assimilate and agree with these terms of use, essential for our website’s proper operation. After approving the “Terms and Conditions,” users agree to and generate a legally binding “Agreement” to comply with these terms.

You must reckon that the Agreement is the preliminary and mandatory policy document that explains every portion of the legal use of Crypto Genius.

We implore you to analyse all aspects of this document judiciously before and during your interaction with us, as it is significant to your convenient use of our website.

Crypto Genius shall engage with you per this policy. The use of various terms like “we,” “us,” “our” should be inferred to indicate our own, while “you” represents the user and are used interchangeably, but it has a similar connotation. All terms imply the offer, consideration, and approval of payment necessary to commence the process of helping you most appropriate to fulfil your needs.

Your option is to decide to use our service or not after reading the Terms and Conditions. If you do not approve these terms, you do not have the authorisation to utilise our services freely. However, if you use Crypto Genius, it will be inferred as an acknowledgement of our terms.

We have the sovereignty to modify these terms and conditions without prior announcement. You must continuously examine the terms of use to be familiar with the licensed system at any period in time.

Crypto Genius intends to adhere to the legal decree on trading financial services to minors (a person below 18).

We are against minors accessing our services. Such effort is substantial because children are unable to approve a legal agreement. Crypto Genius shall not permit our website’s usage to anybody below the minimum age.

Crypto Genius is a computerised bitcoin trader. This means that it will frequently generate informative content on trading.

To be privy to such content, you have to subscribe to it on our website or app. Some of the services will necessitate a subscription fee, and some of the subscription content may be promotional.

You must register with your accurate personal data on our website or app, as it enables us to determine the actual subscription content for you.

You maintain the option of cancelling the subscription services. You can do this by informing us via our official email support.

Crypto Genius retains the discretionary right to select to whom we will provide cryptocurrency and other related services.

We have developed a profitable, valuable and refined Bitcoin trader. It is highly efficient in predicting Bitcoin price movements and assuming multiple winning positions every day.

You need to provide accurate and detailed information during registration, as it enables us to get essential details that will allow us to dispense our services more effectively.

We outline an official document called a “license” comprising specific information for you so that you do not go against our proprietary rights.

You get a solitary and limited license to employ our services.

This license is non-transferable, and we reserve the precedence to rescind the rights anytime we deem fit. We shall not, however, be compelled to give any justification for such an act.

This license neither gives you the right to use our content for unauthorised commercial activities nor authorises any form of change of content on our website.

We maintain and exercise proprietary rights to the content on our website. We shall impose copyright and trademark safety over our proprietary content every time.

You shall adhere to the proprietary rights of Crypto Genius. Any infringement of our rights shall be punished under relevant laws since it is unlawful to conduct.

You must also not interfere with the proprietary rights of owners of logos and trademarks on our website. Infraction of such rights is punishable by law.


We shall not ascertain that any product or service obtained from us or our third party shall meet up to or exceed your target.

We do not guarantee that our third party will deliver products and services as advertised or that they will be error-free.

You shall not deem us investment advisors as we do not give personal investment advice. The content on our website is for informative or educational purposes only. To that end, always do your full diligence before investing money, or get personal advice from a licensed expert.

Examples made on our website are exceptional and not typical. Results may differ based on your experience level, dedication, and diligence. We receive compensation for qualified leads.

All data given on our website is in good faith, but no warranties or guarantees are made to verify the precision of any of the data provided.

Trading has risks. You can lose all your investment.

We do not incur responsibility whatsoever for losses or damages resulting directly or indirectly from using the information contained in this guide.