Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy summarises our cookie collection structure. You are required to read, comprehend and consent to this policy for easy use of our Website. The Cookie Policy outlines how we amass this data, how we utilise it, and how it influences your experience with us. There will be interchangeable use of various terms like “our,” “we,” and “us” instead of our website, and we regard our users as “you.”

Cookies can be interpreted as small data files like letters and numbers classified on your device by your web browser while browsing through a website. Cookies enable us to customise your history on our Website, gauge our content’s productivity, and provide us understanding into developing our product.

Data conserved in a cookie is developed by the server immediately after you connect. The data is a unique ID that exemplifies you as a user. Whenever you visit us, our Website will assert you and customise the information you detect to suit your needs.

Our cookies do not grant us more access to your personal information than the data you choose to share with us. Your web browser discontinues each session’s cookie when the session ends. Cookies are used on our site to maintain practical usability.

If you persist in using our services, it is a display of consensus on your part that you have studied our Cookie Policy.

The Types Of Cookies We Utilise

Crypto Genius uses cookies such as:

Permanent Cookies

They can also be named “persistent cookies.” This category of cookies is essential to the proper functioning of our Website.

Permanent cookies stay working even after the web browser is shut. They cannot be disabled because they obtain and store meaningful information such as login details and passwords, such that you do not have to keep re-entering them on our Website.

Session Cookies

They are also known as “temporary cookies.” They enable us to recognise users, and the information is given when they surf through the Website.

Session cookies only catalogue information about a user’s activity, depending on how much time they spend on a website. As soon as the web browser is closed, session cookies get disabled.

Third-party Cookies

Third-party cookies are enabled by domains that the user does not instantly visit. This transpires when publishers add a third-party component like targeted ads.

We work closely with certified third-party outlets to help us in improving the operation of our cookies. They track the competence of the cookies. The data collected enables us to be informed of your activities on our web page.

Concern About Cookies

At Crypto Genius, we do not disclose your classified information to any party.

We are sincere in our methods, which is why we always discern the nature and meaning of each cookie to you. To that end, we always make the cookies we use simple to discover and comprehend.

We always try to get your approval to store a cookie on your device. Such consent is a personal and informed decision. You can perpetually disable cookies at your inclination and ease.

How To Manage Cookies

On our Website, we provide you with the regulatory liberty to enable or disable our cookies by revising your browser’s settings to notify you whenever a cookie pops up.

As stated above, it is also possible for you to automatically disable all cookies. Disabling all our cookies can adversely affect your interaction on our Website.

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